Di Vine 

Montenegrin Wine

Divine is a high quality red wine with geographic origin, intense ruby ​​color, complex fruit aroma and dominant cherry scent, full and harmonious taste, with 13.6% v.

The production of wine is limited to 1300 liters.

Wine is kept in stainless steel barrels for six months, then it is poured to oak barrels in which it stays for another six months, and only then it is bottled in dark bottles of 0.7 ml.

The owner’s initials and the English word divine, which means having a nature of a deity, make the name of the wine which it certainly deserves.

The owner herself bottles wine and brandy; she also puts labels on bottles and packs them in boxes. In this way she shows special care and respect for the consumers who enjoy the taste and quality of these products.

In Montenegro, taste the best and take the best with you -  DIVINE!