Our Story 

Rupice Winery Montenegro

Dubravka Ivanišević, an economist, a mother of two – Jelena and Petar, and also a grandmother of two, Luka and Manja, is the owner-heir to the vineyard.

The entire family, her husband and her children help her maintain the vineyard.

This vineyard was planted in the best soil that has been covered only with grape vines for over one hundred years and now it has 1,500 vines: two native varieties of Vranac and Kratošija and two Italian varieties Sangiovese and Marselan.

The vineyard is located west of Podgorica, at 70 meters above sea level, at the foot of a hill, in the place called Rupice komanske – a micro-location known in the tradition and toasts of the local people, where it is protected from wind and surrounded by old fig, quince and pear trees.

Position of the vineyard, its distance from the main road, from pollution, its micro-climate, soil, tradition and love has made this vineyard look really impressive.

During the day the vineyard is bathed in sunshine and its peace is disturbed only by birds flying over. With or without fruit, this vineyard is soul-inspiring for visitors and leaves special impression.

The vineyard is maintained in a traditional and ecological way – the amount of fruit on each vine is reduced in a controlled way so that the remaining fruit would be better quality, which means that up to 1.5kg of grapes are kept on vines.
Fruit is collected manually and placed in woven wicker baskets, while best grains are selected for the production of wine and brandy.

Wine and brandy are sold in limited quantities and they are reserved in advance for known customers.

The first drops of wine invoke beautiful memories in many who used to enjoy this wine.
For good health and happiness of future consumers,

Owner and her Family

In Montenegro, taste the best and take the best with you -  DIVINE and DI LOZA!