Rupice Vineyard 


This vineyard dates back to the early twentieth century. It is located west of Podgorica, at a micro-location recognised in the tradition and mentioned in toasts as Rupice Komanske. The whole vineyard is grown in one piece of land. Perennial figs, quince and pears can be found next to it.

Wine from this vineyard was presented in the Balkan wine fair in London in 1907, which was open for four months, where the Montenegrin stand was visited by 1,285,000 people. Also, this wine was served as high quality wine in many European royal palaces.

The vineyard was re-grown twice – for the first time in 1970 and second time in 2007 when new varieties of grapes were planted - two autochthonous Montenegrin varieties: vranac and kratošija and two Italian varieties: genovese and marselan.

During the lifetime of the first owner, until the beginning of 1980, this vineyard was grown in a traditional ecological way. Wine and brandy were produced in small quantities and were sold to famous buyers in small glass 5-liter wine bottles coated with woven branches.

Heiress of this vineyard, while respecting the tradition and by using the soil, climate and personal emotion for her ancestors, began the production of DI loza (brandy) and DIvine  (wine) with the signature of her grandfather Milovan Pejović on the label, trying to preserve the level and mode of production that vineyard of these characteristics deserves, also trying to satisfy the most demanding customers of this time with its packaging.

Based on 100 years of existence, production of wine and brandy in limited quantities is meant only for connoisseurs of top quality who will also be its only true evaluators.

Try the best of Montenegro and take with you only the best from Montenegro.

The Owner